Programme Synopsis

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces is a programme that x-rays the way we live. It is a serious programme that features topical issues that could bother on social, political, cultural, religious, and other matters asking questions on our behavioural patterns and attitudes, and calling for change where required.

Recognizing the enormous herculean task of changing obstinate Nigerians, “Bits and Pieces” is undaunting in its spirited preparedness for a new way of thinking and living.

While seeking to locally attract the elite, the programme also allows other well-meaning Nigerians to contribute their views to nation building and change from negativity to positivity.

Youths and Truths

Youths and Truths, targeted at young minds, is a programme that calls the attention of the youth of today’s social realities.

It is an interactive programme (using sms), which allows both young and old to air their views in order to chart a new course away from behavioural decadence.

Even the music, which is an integral part of the programme, draws from the bulk of choices that educate the youths, while entertaining them. Hence, the show seeks to also inspire them towards improved lifestyles that will lead to success in the future.

Wazobia Jolintainment

This programme is aimed at educating and entertaining by reflecting on various societal issues and thus through merry-making, satiring and subtle criticism, some social ills can be corrected and good behavior upheld.

Wazobia Jolitainment is an entertainment programme that seeks to relieve stress after a hectic week at work or school. It is a weekend comic programme to help listeners relax and enjoy their weekend. It seeks to educate the listener through thought-provoking discussions on issues that affect their lives or current issues in the society.

Wazobia Jolitainment seeks above all to unite Nigerians through the use of Pidgin English (the unofficial Nigeria lingua franca) that cuts across ethnic groups, class, age and social status.

My Husband and I

My Husband and I is a discursive programme aimed at helping couples improve on their relationship, understand themselves more and better.

The programme seeks to create a happy family in the belief that a happy society begins from the home that has husband and wife as leaders. If couples are happy in their relationship, it is more likely that their families will be happy too.

Music Box

Good music is the food of the soul. Thus, in Music Box we try bring to our listeners good music to help educate, entertain and edify them in keeping with the three major objectives of Radio Sapientia.

Specifically, Music Box is a music programme aimed at playing current hip-hop and R & B songs. News and biography of the artists on parade are also aired.

New Jamz

New Jams is a programme geared towards promoting up-coming music artistes. The programme premieres new songs as well as interviewing the musicians.

New Jams is a 30-minute recorded programme. It comes twice in a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. The original show comes on Tuesdays while a repeat broadcast comes on Fridays.

The music artistes are invited to participate in the show when invited the artist is screened by listening to his or her songs to make sure the song is air-worthy before it is accepted. If the song is cleared, the music artiste can then become part of the programme.

Make a Difference Show

Make a Difference Show is a programme that showcases musicians who have made or are making a difference in the field of music. The artistes must have been into music for at least ten years.

Two artists are profiled in every programme. Their songs are played and something said about their lives and accomplishments as artistes. Of the two profiled artists, one is always from Nigeria and the other from another country.

Music plays uninterrupted and information is only given at the end or before the songs are played. As an irregular feature, an accomplished artist would be interviewed for about ten minutes – once in a long while.



Radiorama is a programme which showcases current events in the State. It encompasses events of executive, legislative, judicial, local government, educational, cultural, communal, biographical and personality nature.

The programme can be of an entertainment, but this is dependent on the even. Press conferences, celebrations, like anniversaries, synods, dedication of cathedrals and programmes of like nature, are accommodated in Radiorama.

Radiorama can also be a panaromic programme, depending on a number of events rolled into one.

Achievers’ Corner

Achievers’ Corner is a high-class programme which features people who have achieved success through dint of hard work. It showcases a guest’s background, experiences in life, contributions to the society and how he or she attained his or her position.

Other areas featured include one’s challenges, marital status, favourite dishes, hobbies and advice to the youths.

Sapientia Fanzone

SapientiaFanzone is an interactive soccer show targeted at sports lovers. The programme starts with sports news, then a hot topic is introduced for discussion and the audience at this point, phone in and take part in the programme. There are also some musical breaks in the show to ease tension.

Sapientia Xpress

This is a fun-packed show that the people can relate to and they can be inspired to reach beyond the heights of expressing themselves in many languages.


Sapientia Xpress, thus is phone-in-interactive programme with a new topic of discussion for each edition. It is exciting, exhilarating, explosive, extraordinary and exceptional.

Sapientia Love Zone

This programme gives the listener the chance to off-load and share his/her emotional problems. It discusses relationship, marriage and family issues and proffers solutions to the various emotional problems.

It is an interactive programme where the listeners send their relationship questions through SMS and gets immediate reaction-cum-answers. It is a programme that accommodates only adults.

Traffic News and Entertainment Gist

This programme helps people to know more about the developments in the entertainment industry, local and international history. It also gives information about traffic at various points of the road as people are rushing home after the day’s activity

In the first part of the programme, which is on entertainment, the presenter gives gist from the entertainment industry. The second part then takes care of the traffic news.

This second part is interactive. People call or send sms to report traffic situations in their location. This helps the relevant authorities to know where their services are needed most. It equally helps people to know the roads to follow to avoid traffic.

Sapientia Soul to Soul

This is the moment when we discuss issues that affect people, homes and generations. It is an opportunity to help hurting souls heal.

It begins with a true-life story after which people can call in to express their opinion on the issue. Of all the things said the person involved and people in similar situation will then know what best to do from the various options available.


Sapientia Benediction

This is a programme that edifies the people and brings them close to God by hearing the promises of God and praising God in their various languages.

People call into the show, pick any number of their choice and the biblical passage assigned to the number will be read. The caller is then encouraged to sing any song of his or her choice. With this, people are encouraged to begin the week with hope, love and faith in the creator.

Kidszone with Aunty Mona

This is a programme for school children. Pupils from nursery and primary schools are brought to the station where the tell stories and read poems. At the end of the recitation, they children tell the public the good lessons they have leant from the stories and poems.

The idea of the programme is to encourage children to begin early to aspire to great heights by working hard. It is edifying when the children tell the stories and are hard by children.


Sapientia Whispers

This is a programme where people are given the opportunity to say something good to friends and well-wishers. The programme is also aimed at reconciling people.

Often, people do not find the needed courage to approach someone they have wronged so as to mend fences. Thus, this programme helps such people to reconnect and reconcile. It helps also to build bonds. The programme makes use of sms.

Sapientia Laugh

Because of the stress people live with, Sapientia Laugh is designed to make them laugh through jokes that are constructive and corrective. It is a comedy show that comes up ones in a week.

Sapientia Success Tips

Radiorama is a programme which showcases current events in the State. It encompasses events of executive, legislative, judicial, local government, educational, cultural, communal, biographical and personality nature.

Weekend Bliss

Weekend Bliss is a relaxation programme of soft music from all over the world. The interactive programme allows people to wish their loved ones some bliss on the Saturday night that the programme comes. The messages are read between songs.


This programme which comes up every Friday from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm is anchored by a non-governmental faith based organization, Justice Development and Peace Commission, JDPC, with the help of some agencies. The programme is designed to educate the citizenry on their civic responsibilities especially with regard governance at various levels. It is partly recorded and partly live and interactive.

Between Us

This is a one hour family soap that showcases the joys, challenges, strengths of family life. The programme has four segments.

  1. Nuntial Ties: This features announcements of intending marriages
  2. Let’s Tango: This segment tries to get people together. It tries to connect people and as such lays a foundation for a meaningful relationship. It also helps people who have lost contact to reconnect.
  3. Teaser: This is an opinion poll segment where people have the opportunities of commenting on issues that concerns family.
  4. Diva of the Week: This segment celebrates women who have been positively outstanding as a way of inspiring and encouraging others.


Ladies’ World

This 30 minutes programme is designed for every woman irrespective of age, marital status and background. The programme is filled with topics on health, fashion, cooking, beauty, carrier, housekeeping, etiquette, relationship and lots more. The programme is intended to entertain, inform, inspire, empower and enhance womanhood.


Odenigbo Sapientia

Odenigbo is a 30 minutes programme designed to showcase the beauty of Igbo tradition and customs. It is intended to promote the good and discourage the bad as way of building a better identity of the people. The language is strictly Igbo.

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