Obaseki’s action represents assault on constitutional democracy-Tinubu

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress Bola Tinubu has said the recent actions of the Governor of Edo State Godwin Obaseki represents an assault on constitutional democracy and the rule of law.
Asiwaju Tinubu condemned the escalation of violence and tension in the State by blocking the inauguration of two-third of the elected members of the State House of Assembly.
He said that Governor Obaseki has now resorted to the strong-arm tactics of dictatorship.
The APC National Leader accused the Governor of being behind the defacing of parts of the House of Assembly building in Benin, feigning the building is undergoing renovation.
The only reason any renovation could be deemed necessary is the destruction wrought by his own goon.
“If Governor Obaseki believes the people are not aware of this inherent irony, he will undoubtedly learn the cost of this grave miscalculation in the fullness of time” Asiwaju Tinubu said.
The party leader wondered if the Governor considers the people foolhardy and ignorant, as he said to make mockery of the institution of democracy while at the same time courting for votes from the same people through democratic means.
He said that the preservation of democracy is too important to sacrifice at the alter of any man’s ambition and hopes that the damages being inflicted on the State’s democratic institutions can just as easily be repaired.